Mommy Loves Snapfish

A collection of various items featuring images of real life mothers that I know. This project was dictated by the access we have now to easily, quickly and cheaply create art objects or printed items using services such as Snapfish, Shutterfly or the nearest Costco. These items — which include pillows, framed pictures and blankets — were made in a way a mom might, edited only using Snapfish’s default tools.

The series explores the problematically easy access and lack of privacy there is when viewing and sharing photos as well as the relinquishment of ownership that occurs when photos are so easily distributed and in this case made physical (not easily deleted or discarded). By rendering these photos physically, I’m trying to demonstrate an amplified version of what happens online when a picture is saved or copied digitally. The project concerns these Moms not only because they are part of the targeted demographic of services like Snapfish, but also because of their unaware, innocent attitudes towards photo privacy, and my interest in the breach of the Mothers' Sacred Privacy.